Saturday, 20 May 2017

Fav glitter patterns *new logo*

I have officially had glitter Ball for 10 weeks today

Welcome back glitter squad today I'm going to be showing you my favourite patterns and ombrés and   Stay till the end because end because I have made a logo for this blog and I now have instagram.

 Pattern number 1:

I love this because it has my favourite colours in blue & pink and I love the swirl that goes down the middle with the sparkles coming off it.

Pattern number 2:

If you have seen in one of my posts this is the background that went in my whiteboard in 10 organisational hacks and DIY's. I just love how it sparkly and has all my favourite colours in.

Pattern number 3:

I love how this one ombres into different colours but the white separates it so I think it looks quite cool.

 Pattern number 4:

This used to be my channel art on YouTube. There are simple reasons why I love this pattern I love ombres and I love sparkles.

Pattern number 5:

This is the last one today. I love the background of this pic (my channel art on YouTube) because of the same reasons as the pic before.

I hope you enjoy today's blog. Now you can finally see the blog logo.

I tried to make it quite sparkly and I added a glitter ball in the middle. I love how when it says glitter Ball it is in an ombré. I will put links for the software I used in the link section.

Again I hope you enjoyed this post I'm hoping that in these next following weeks I will post something different that I haven't done before.

Bye glitter squad xx


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The software I used to edit the logo was piccolage and to make the glitter ball sign I used cool text and I found the pic on the internet.

Bye and see you next week

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Recipe of the month! April 2017

Welcome back Glitter Squad!

Sorry I'm late posting but I wanted to make this post as best as it could be.

Today I'm going to be posting my recipe of the month for April 2017 this could be my last recipe of the month. Who knows? I'm so excited because this is what my first post was on but for the month March. Last month I did a cooking recipe of the month so I thought why not do a baking recipe of the month.

For the recipe of the month April 2017 I have chosen chocolate Ganache.
I orginally got the recipe from Cadburys Kitchen however it won't let me visit the website.
Moving on lets get started!

White Chocolate Ganache

I made a white chocolate ganache however you don't need to use
white chocolate you can use any kind of chocolate.

Ganache ingredients:

  • Chocolate (225g)
  • Cream (125g)

White Chocolate and Double Cream
                                             This is the ingredients I used.

               First of all you need to snap all the chocolate into small pieces in a bowl.

                                    You need around 225 grams of white chocolate.

Then you need around 125 grams of cream and I used a measuring jug to get the right amount.

You then need to put them in a bowl and then put in the microwave on  50% power until melted.
When it has melted put in the fridge until the mixture is just right for your cake or whatever you're putting it on.

I'm sorry  again I haven't posted in a while however ,in advance , I won't be able to post next week due to a commitment.


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Inspiration for post: Cadburys 

I haven't put a link for the recipe as the link wasn't working before but you might be able to find it on Cadbury's website.

I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed baking it.

Bye for now

The Glitter Queen xx

Saturday, 22 April 2017


Welcome back glitter Squad

Today I'm doing a blog on Earth Day.

Image result for earth day

Earth Day facts:

  • Around 20 million people participated in the first Earth Day.
  • About half of the worlds Tropial and Temperate forests are now gone
  •  Each year around 180 countries celebrate it.
  • 1970 was the year of the first Earth Day. Then it was only celebrated in  America. It wasn't until 1990 that it became international.
  • By 2010 over 1 billion people celebrated it.

 There are just a few facts about Earth Day.

If you want to find out more facts I reccommend these websites:

Image result for earth day

Before you go be sure to check out my familys blog

Peak District Adventures

I hope you enjoyed this weeks extra blogs

Be sure to also check out the other to posts I've done this week

An Experiment You Should Try

March Favourites 2017

I hope you enjoyed me posting 3 times this week

Bye for now

The Glitter Queen xx

An Experiment you should try

Welcome back glitter squad 😃😃😃

Today I'm going to try an experiment and a great hack that I think you should attempt. You don't need much for it and anything you need you can just find it around the house.

Equipment needed:

  • cups x3 (ideally of the same height)
  • 3 knifes (again ideally of the same length)

This expirment allows you to have a holder to place something in the middle like the picture below.

this is what mine turned out like

The first step is you need to place the 3 cups in a triangle.

Then you need to put the knifes in a triangle (that will stay there when you let go.)

Now it should be strong enough to hold something on the knifes.

I had so much fun doing this. It might take a few tries to get it right but you will get it in the end. I like that the equipment needed for it can just be found around your house.

I hope you enjoyed this blog.

The Glitter Queen xx


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Thursday, 20 April 2017

March Favourites 2017

Sorry I couldn't post last weekend but I'm doing an extra post this week (this one) to make up for it.

Welcome back >_<

Today im going to show you my march favourites hat I enjoyed last month.

10)Magnet Pencil pots

I really like these because they are magnetic so you can put it anywhere. I got them from TIGER and they are avaliable in pink and black.

9)Lush Magic Wand

This month I have really enjoyed having a lush product to go with my bath/shower especially the lush magic wand

8)DIY heart

I decided to make a DIY plushie and I have enjoyed putting it up in different places around my room. I will try and post a blog one time on how to make it.

7) Linen Tape

I found this linen tape in hobbycraft and it is really cool because it's like washi tape but you can create your own pattern on it.

6)Spiral bobbles

At Claires, i brought some spiral bobbles. I prefer these to normal bobbles becuase they don't hurt as much when you take them out or having it in your hair throughout the day.

5)Streching band

This is a great stretching band to use and can help take your stretching to the next level. It is a Limber Stretch London product and has a great quality.

4)Glitter Pencilcase

This pencil case was brought at WHsmith and again is of really great quality. It has multiple pockets (in the middle and at the sides) and the best thing is it's really glittery and sparkly.

3)Glitter Ombres

Im obsessed with these patterns right now and I love to put them in background on pics like you saw on my blog of 10 organisational hacks and DIY's because I put a glitter ombre background of the Whiteboard.

2)Zoella Lets spritz

I love this perfume so much and it smells sooo nice. I like how on the packaging they have nice flowers in the background of the perfume and the perfume is pink, however the pink doesn't show up on your skin.

1) The Hunger Games

 I think The Hunger Games is a great series of books. I contains 3 books and I think is a great book to read.

Sorry that there are no pictures on the blog because I haven't had a chance to upload because we have been on holiday. I will try to add pics on some time.


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What we got up to on our holiday will be going up on our blog soon.

Bye for now Glitter Squad

The Glitter Queen xx