Friday, 9 June 2017

Opitcal Illusions

Welcome back glitter squad,

Today I'm doing something I have never done before but I thought I would try because I think that they are awesome. I'm going to show you some optical illusions. I was scrolling through instagram and I saw these so I thought it would be a good idea to do a blog on them.

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In this optical illusion if you focus on the dot in the middle all the dots around it move.

Image result for optical illusions

If you move your eyes around this one you get a ripple effect.

Image result for optical illusions

This one is quite cool because if you focus on the middle everything around it moves in circles.


Try and say the words but not the colours  now say it the other way round.

I will link all the websites for the images down below. I hope you enjoyed this post! Thats all for this week bye

Glitter Queen xx

Optical illusion links:


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My blog homepage: Glitter Ball Homepage

My youtube homepage: The Glitter Queen Youtube   (Be sure to check out my new channel art!)

My brothers blog: Neon Diamond

My brothers Youtube: The Diamond King Youtube

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