Sunday, 25 June 2017

Tidying up tips

Welcome back Glitter Squad,

I have tried a 5 organisational hacks and DIY's but never a tidying up tips. Again this is what I think are great tips but you are entitled to a different opinion.

Without further ado let's get started!

As soon as you get something out put it away again.
If you do this your floor will be clear becasue everything you are getting out you are putting it away again after you have finished.

Have your bed made.
I find that if your bed is made your romm feels 1000000000 times better becasue your duvet is not scatter around your bed and your pillows aren't all over the floor.

Try and give every item a 'home.'
If you give all your items a 'home' then whenever you are putting it back you know where to put it and also you will always know where your item are.

Don't have anything you don't want in your house.
If you do this then you have space for extra things that you want and it isn't in your way all the time and cluttering up your house. To get 'rid' of it you could sell it, donate it to charity shops and if you have to you could put it in the bin or take it to the tip.

Last but not least you can make a clutter box. I have already done this in another post  but I have used it since I made one so why not menton it again?
  It's so easy to make, all you need is a box of any size depending on how big you want it. Throughout the week you can fill it up.

You do need to make sure you empty it frequently thoguh otherwise it overflows. I empty mine every Tuesday and Saturday to prevent that from happening.

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Bye for now, I will hopefully see you on Saturday.

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