Saturday, 10 June 2017

Womens tour of Britain Derbyshire 2017

Welcome back Glitter Quad,
Today I am doing an extra blog. I don't usually do this on my blog but here we go. Today I went on a cycle ride with Bikeability (one of the companies helping with the event.) 

We cycled on some of the route that the riders of the tour were going to cycle. We had a sace in the VIP area for us. 

We got a lot of stuff back from the tour. As you can see from the picture below.

We got 2 PINK  lanyards (I love pink), 2 flags, a clapper (that looks like a fan!), a canyon bag, 2 pairs of sunglasses and a T-shirt.

Sorry for the short blog. Be sure to check out my previous one on Optical Illusions. Click here to see it.

Bye for now

Glitter Queen xx


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