Saturday, 8 July 2017

Running tips

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These hacks can also be used in other sports.

Just so you know this post will be based on what I think is a good idea during sports and also tips  I think could be useful.

Listening to music

When you listen to music when your running I find that you run to the beat of your music. Tip: If you are going to try this hack I recommend you chose a song/album that has a beat that you would like to. What I want to do is create a playlist of music that I like to run to.

Stretching before and after

Stretching helps loosen up your muscles whilst taking part in your run. Even if you don't usually go for a run I reccommend you stretch regualy becasue it makes you feel so much better.

Warming up

Warming up gets your muscles prepared for the sport you are about to do. It gets your heart pumping and you blood circulating around your body.

Cooling down

Cool down makes your muscles and body relaxed again after the excerise you have just done. 


Hydration is the most important thing you need before a run. You need it becadsue 60% of your body
is made of water. Without it you wouldn't be able to sweat.


I don't know about you but I get stitch quite a lot. Heres how to solve it.

Tip 1: Take a death breath in and a deep breath out while you're still running.

Tip 2: Put your arms up in the air whilst your still running.

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