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Sims freeplay series II Money grows on trees quest II Post 2

Welcome back Glitter Squad,

This is the second episode of my new Sims freeplay series. Todays blog is all about the money grows on trees quest. Before you read this make sure you have read the breadwinners quest blog. The breadwinners quest is the quest that happens before the money grows on trees quest.

Money grows on trees
This is another quest that does not have a time limit so there is no need to rush it.
There is no prize for this quest but when you complete it you unlock the simoleon sprout.

The simoleon sprout is when every 4 hours hours if you click on the garden patch then it comes up with simoleon sprout it rolls around different plants.

Here are the combinations:

3 pumpkins: $15,000
2 pumpkins: $1,250
3 purple things (I don't know what they're called.): $5,000
2 purple things: $750
3 peppers: $2,500
2 peppers: $500

1 pepper, one purple thing and 1 pumpkin: $350

The simoleon sprout cost $250 simleons to do it but it is worth it because you will always win at least $100 simoleons.

The first thing is:

Grow some carrots
Growing carrots takes 5 minutes
To do this click on the garden patch and select grow carrots.

Watch a documentary
This takes 54 minutes
Click on the TV and you will have a number of options what you need to click is documentary at the bottom.

Make a double shot of coffee.
It takes 1 minute
Click on the coffe machine and select double shot. If a blue footprint or a red cross appears above the sims head I recommend you read this post.

Grow a simoleon Sprout.
Click on the garden patch and select grown simoleon sprout.

Well done you've completed this quest.

I hope you have enjoyed this sims series so far. The next quest is the love is in the air quest which enables your sims to marry.

Bye for now

Glitter Queen xx


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